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Kokoon is an innovative and professional hotel management company, offering stylish environment and showcasing Indonesian hospitality. Derived from “Cocoon” symbolizing metamorphosis and comfort.


A cocoon develops into a butterfly or Papillon in French Transformation, Evolution, Dynamism.

Sylvain Julien - President Director of Kokoon Hotels.Villas

Sylvain Julien
President Director of Kokoon Hotels.Villas

Message from President Director

Welcome to Kokoon Hotels.Villas website.

We are grateful that you have found us here.

Let me introduce the Kokoon Concept.

The name Kokoon was born when we were about to make our very first hotel in Surabaya. Indeed, we were looking for a brand name. We have a Fashion and F&B brand in Jakarta called Papilion which means butterfly. Since all these brands belong to the same family and chronologically Surabaya business came earlier than Jakarta, it became obvious and logical that the idea of Kokoon (Cocoon- the early stage of butterfly) appeared.

In line with the symbol of a cocoon, our Kokoon Hotels offer comfort: comfortable environment, comfortable rooms, comfortable beds, comfortable meeting facilities and comfort food & beverage. Additionally, we strive to make nice products both in the hotel hardware and in the day to day operations to create a pleasant customer experience at all times.

In Surabaya, the Kokoon Hotel is a conversion of an historic building of 1920 that is located in the then commercially vibrant district of Surabaya. By staying at the hotel, you will realize the important role of this part of Surabaya earlier on. The area is still very active today.

Our latest Hotel is the 163 rooms Kokoon Hotel Banyuwangi where the team of Architects, interior designers and contractors have made a masterpiece showcasing the cultural richness of Banyuwangi. Our team will be honored to take care of you and your family in this new haven in Banyuwangi from where you can enjoy both the sunrise over Bali island and the sunset over mount Ijen.

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